Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am dreading. dreading. the summer.
if anything brown is ode to autumn. a season that seems to be growing shorter with every passing year.
I miss the smell of decaying pumpkins already.
the coming months will not be pleasant.

with enough pastels and kahki to make you vomit.
the worst smell of them all. wet dog.

I just mistyped that sentence as wet god, three times in a row....
my favorite smell. spring soil. the perfect mixture of rotten black earth and sugary plants. and the rain ....
I've never really liked nor respected that certain shade of blue until I saw it paired against that color. liking blue? dear lord what's next?
pathetic brown, like Hershey's cocoa powder. lousy excuse for a color anyhow.
thick sticky sweet brown, the color of molasses so dark it chokes the throat. unpleasant smell, the kind devoid of sugar. you don't want to touch it because you'd never get it off you.
yellowish ocher, but not too pleasant. like chewing gum stuck to the underside of a middle school table. quite similar to last post.